Schoeps Microphone

SCHOEPS TYPE N20F POWER SUPPLY for ELA M221 F Microphone AC701 TELEFUNKEN TUBEVintage Schoeps BEAG M26 - 221b microphone - AC 710k Telefunken tube, AEG PSU Schoeps - CMC5--U with MK 4 and MK41 capsules, swivel joint and Schoeps boxOriginal vintage tube mic SCHOEPS TELEFUNKEN M221B with capsule M934bOne TELEFUNKEN AC701 TUBE FOR VINTAGE TELEFUNKEN/NEUMANN/SCHOEPS MICROPHONES! TELEFUNKEN AC701K TUBE FOR VINTAGE TELEFUNKEN/NEUMANN/SCHOEPS MICROPHONES!Original vintage tube mic SCHOEPS TELEFUNKEN M221B with capsule MK26Phantom to 12V T mic power adapter for Schoeps Sennheiser Neumann T microphonesSchoeps/Studer SKM5 - U (CMC5/MK4)NEW Cathedral SDC•CG Mic Case for Schoeps CMC M221 Neumann KM, AKG C451 C460 MicSchoeps CMC6 & MK4 Microphone plus 2 Schoeps mic clipsNEUMANN NKMa Microphone Power Supply for TELEFUNKEN AC701 SchoepsMatched Pair Schoeps CMC6xt w/Mk4 small diaphragm condensor micsSchoeps MK4 Capsule for Colette Microphone - Cardioid MK-4 Mic S23056SCHOEPS CMC64 Cardioid Mic Factory Refurbished w/New MK4 Capsule Element!!Schoeps M221 Tube Mic Modded by Oliver Archut w/Neumann KM54 Circuit, 31 MP3s!!!vintage lomo microphone 19a4 tube with psu! like a schoeps 221 Schoeps CMIT 5U WindTech Mic Muff Muffler Windshield windscreen MM200 5154 VINTAGE SCHOEPS TELEFUNKEN M221B TUBE MIC w DN221 POWER SUPPLY EXC COND M934B 2006 Schoeps CMT 541 LIMITED EDITION Matched Pair w/MK41 Hypercard Caps, 40 MP3sPair of SIEMENS/SCHOEPS CMT34 CMT-34 Vintage Microphones cardioid +orig. casesSCHOEPS CMC 6--U MK 41 B5 U.S Edition Microphone Set (Gray) Clamps PopscreenSCHOEPS CM640T RARE VINTAGE CARDIOID CONDENSER MICROPHONE W/CABLE, 48V PHANTOMSCHOEPS/STRÄSSER CM060 VINTAGE CONDENSER MICROHPONE WITH POWER SUPPLY AND CABLES