Schoeps Microphone

Rycote Zeppelin, Modular Windscreen System WS4 for Shotgun Mics Schoeps CMIT-5Schoeps studio tube condenser microphone CM 640, with PSU and cable, vintageSchoeps studio condenser microphone CM 060 & PSU & cable, vintageSchoeps CMC6 & MK4 Microphone plus 2 Schoeps mic clipsVintage Schoeps M26 - 221b tube microphone BEAG body - AC 710k Telefunken tube, Schoeps Colette Cable Schoeps Cut 1 - Colette Series Low-Cut Filter (60Hz at 24dB / Octave)Schoeps MK21Schoeps CMC5 & MK41Schoeps MK4 Capsule for Colette Microphone - Cardioid MK-4 MicOriginal vintage tube mic SCHOEPS TELEFUNKEN M221B with capsule M934bOne TELEFUNKEN AC701 TUBE FOR VINTAGE TELEFUNKEN/NEUMANN/SCHOEPS MICROPHONES! TELEFUNKEN AC701K TUBE FOR VINTAGE TELEFUNKEN/NEUMANN/SCHOEPS MICROPHONES!Original vintage tube mic SCHOEPS TELEFUNKEN M221B with capsule MK26Phantom to 12V T mic power adapter for Schoeps Sennheiser Neumann T microphonesMicrotech Gefell M310 Hypercardioid similar to Schoeps MK41Sony PCM-D50 Professional Portable Audio Recorder FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDESchoeps/Studer SKM5 - U (CMC5/MK4)SCHOEPS/STRÄSSER CM060 VINTAGE CONDENSER MICROHPONE WITH POWER SUPPLY AND CABLES* Vintage SCHOEPS CMC3 + rare MK41s microphone Colette - CMC4 CMC5 CMC6 MK41RED Wooden box for Neumann SM2 / Schoeps CMTS 301Schoeps CM64 Vintage Tube Microphone Amplifier with M7 Bayonet AdapterSuperlux S502 Stereo Condenser Microphone / Schoeps MSTC64 StyleNEW Cathedral SDC•CG Mic Case for Schoeps CMC M221 Neumann KM, AKG C451 C460 Mic