Fenton Cat

Fenton Grooming CatFenton Blue Lagoon Grooming Cat FigurineFENTON ART GLASS-CARNIVAL POUNCE CATFENTON ART GLASS SATIN WHITE 11" ALLEY CAT w/HP FACIAL FEATURES & NAILSFenton Black Jungle Cat Handpainted and signed by A Dowler and initials of ESFENTON ART GLASS MOTHER OF PEARL CAT FRUIT GOLD GLITTER SIGNEDFENTON ART GLASS WHITE IRIDIZED CAT PAINTED BLUE FLOWERS EYES CLOSED SIGNEDFenton Art Glass Collectible Blue Green Stylized Cat Figurine 5" Tall MINTFenton Art Glass Collectible Hand Painted Pink Cat Figurine 3 3/4" 1995 MINTFenton Art Glass Collectible Pink Cat Figurine 3 3/4" Tall MINTFenton CAT Autumn Gold IRID FFPS 20th Jamboree 2005 EXCLUSIVE B Pezzoni *FREEusSFenton CAT SITTING RUBY RED with Red Poinsettias OOAK * FREE USA SHIPPINGLynn Fenton CAT Sleeping FR OPLSCT Glass Messenger 2004 F5064VH *FREEusaSHIPFenton Slipper Shoe Vintage BLUE SAMPLE 1964 Cat/ Hobnail* FREE USA SHIPFenton Cat VINTAGE BLUE SATIN Violets on Lace Oval OOAK *FREEusaSHIPFenton Slipper Shoe YELLOW BURMESE SATIN Cat Daisy & Buttons * FREE USA SHIPFenton CAT Sleeping RUBY Christmas Chums 2008 ware 5064 *FREEusaSHIPFenton ALLEY CAT Buttercream SATIN Butterfly Violas Mums w/Crys OOAK FREEusaSHIPFenton CAT SCAREDY Mandarin Orange Slag w CLEMATIS * OOAK* FREE USA SHIPFenton ALLEY CAT SEA GREEN SATIN Violets Are Blue AND Violet * OOAK *FREEusaSHIPFenton ALLEY CAT Country Pink IRID Cosmos Garden & Pink Hyacinth OOAK FREEusSHIPFenton ALLEY CAT Jadeite SATIN 2013 CLEOPATRA Customer App JK SPINDLER #d 21/30RARE Fenton Glass Opal Yellow Catvintage Carnival Glass DISH bowl plate kitten child gold cat Fenton Marigold